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Our "Moving Beyond Capitalism" conference is part of a widening discussion about how concretely we can begin to build a better world.  In fact, many are already doing it in big and small ways.  Here are some photos by Jon Sievert and some from Michael Hertz from the conference.  Below are articles about the conference as well as information about other efforts underway. 

There's Something Happening Here. 
by Harry Targ

The MBC conference is part of a wider ground swell that is looking for alternatives to a capitalism in crisis. Read more...

We are here now, but where do we go from here?
by Peter Weisberg

A review of some highlights of the MBC conference.  Read more.

Moving Beyond Capitalism conference reviewed
by Susan Goldman

A review of the conference focused on Women Moving Beyond Capitalism and on Art as Catalyst exhibition.  Read it here.


Ellen Brown interviews Cynthia Kaufman about her book "Getting Past Capitalism" and the Moving Beyond Capitalism conference they both attended.  Listen to it here


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