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Chiapas is the home of exquisite beauty and indigenous resistance. Since 1994, when the Zapatista’s came down from the mountains in defiance of NAFTA,and in defense of an old and rich way of life, this land has been in the forefront of a heroic struggle for the preservation of indigenous cultures and the rights of “Mother Earth”

Our trips take us from the colonial city of San Cristobal de las Casas, with it’s pedestrian streets, European style cafes and incredible craft markets, to the surrounding valleys and mountains, home to numerous “autonomous” communities where the concepts of “social economies” and zapatismo are part of everyday life. Day of the Dead in Chiapas , late October to early November is magical and not to be missed. The meld-ing of Catholicism and ancient indigenous culture is an amazing phenomena.

Chiapas holds rare beauty and incredible hardships. Our trip will explore both of these through daily outings, meetings with the NGO’s and indigenous spokespeople in the forefront of this battle for social justice.

Travel Dates 2014
Oct 30th to Nov.9th

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call from US:     (347) 983-5084
in Mexico:         (415) 150-0025


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