Internet Security & Privacy

Feb 18th, 2020 from  5:00 pm to  7:00 pm
Admission: Free
Micky Metts

My smart phone listens to my conversations even when it’s not on. My GPS tracks me even when I know where I’m going. My credit cards track all my purchases. The camera in my computer watches me. Maybe the camera in my smart TV watches me too. I go through life sending out little electronic messages revealing everything I say, everywhere I go, everything I buy, and everyone I talk to. Artificial Intelligence claims it can predict my actions and even my thoughts. It claims it can influence what I do and even how I vote. Is this the world of interconnectedness we dreamed of 25 years ago at the dawn of the internet age? How can we control it instead of it predicting and nudging us?

The Center for Global Justice will hold two workshops in both English and Spanish to teach you how to avoid being watched and listened to by your devices. Monday and Tuesday Feb. 17 and 18 from 5-7pm.

Center for Global Justice
Calzada de la Luz 42
(between Loreto and Animas)
San Miguel de Allende, 37700