Las Grutas de Tolantongo

This amazing eco-resort is run by an ejido co-operative. It is considered one of the top co-ops in Mexico given the quality of their operations. It has a website that gives you good initial views of the Tolantongo location that is surrounded by gorgeous green mountains.

Tolantongo is on the east side of Hidalgo State, just about a four-hour drive from San Miguel. As you approach you a have special view of the unique range of connected mountains. As you descend over a thousand meters to the Grutas Tolantongo site, you reach a stunning blue, warm water riverbed that flows year round out of the unique Grutas mountain cave. You can sit in the cave and be showered by the warm water flowing down. In addition, there are warm-water springs flowing from the surrounding mountains. Much of the spring water cascades through the numerous pools built by the co-op.

Tolantongo can attract up to 6,000 people every weekend to camp on this unique riverbed area. Smaller numbers stay in the ejido’s 174 hotel rooms. Given the huge numbers on the weekend, the Center for Global Justice always visits in mid-week and we usually reside for three nights in hotel rooms in the upper level of Tolantongo with a spectacular view of the area.

The Center for Global Justice has been to Tolantongo many times so we know how to physically explore this absorbing area on both sides of the warm riverbed so you get to see amazingly different greenery with a good variety of plants, cactus, trees - including fruit trees - as well as unique species of birds.

There is a wonderful trail that takes you down from the upper hotel area, close to the riverbed. In addition, there is a zip slide (Tirolesa) option to go down fast to the riverbed area. You can see it on the website. It is also easy to walk down to the riverbed – and then back up - on the main white entrance road that the group keeps clean and safe.