The Solidarity Economy in Latin America Feb. 16, 2011

Cliff DuRand
Robert Stone
The Center for Global Justice
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Throughout Latin America the economic policies of free trade, deregulation, and privatization that the U.S. has promoted have failed to raise their economies as had been promised. In fact, it has led to increasing polarization and stagnation, and in some cases outright crises over the last decade. The failure of such neoliberal policies has given rise to popular protest and the election of progressive governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and elsewhere. Nine countries have even banded together to create an alternative trading system based on solidarity and mutual benefit. These efforts to create an alternative to corporate globalization were discussed by Atahualpa Caldera, Bob Stone and Cliff DuRand.

DuRand introduces the panel (to minute 7)

Caldera on new solidarity between states in Latin America (from minute 7 to 32)

Stone on solidarity in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela (from minute 32 to 46)

Stone continues at (to minute 13)

DuRand on cooperatives in Cuba (minute 13 to 20).