Visit the amazing Tolantongo Thermal Resort Co-op
Nov 17-21!

In a breathtaking canyon 4.5 hours drive from San Miguel, Tolantongo offers trails through eco-systems, a huge grotto warmed by volcanism, a mineral-blue river, natural hot tub infinity pools, zipline – all run by a vanguard worker co-op. Since 2007 the Center for Global Justice has hosted bi-cultural visits to this restorative mix of natural beauty & human harmony.

A moderate $3,500 pesos includes 3 nights, all meals, daily access, trail guide, & intro to the co-op. Inevitable party not included. Discounts for drivers w passengers. Off the Cancun, path the thermal flows of this “adventure vacation” will turn you into a noodle.

Information & registration:
Cash payment by Fri, Nov13 at Center office - Calzada de la Luz #42, Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm.
We advise prompt booking.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Visita Tolantongo, Una Cooperativa de Vanguardia

Del 17 al 20 de noviembre el Centro para la Justicia Global les ofrece una visita  a un lugar en cual la belleza de la naturaleza se mezcla con la belleza de las relaciones humanas: Cooperativa Ejidal Grutas de Tolantongo.

Este popular balneario, con una enorme gruta de agua termal, se extiende por la ladera de un cañón de casi un kilometro de profundidad, ubicado a 4 horas de San Miguel. Tolantongo ofrece senderos a través de los diversos ecosistemas, un río mineral azul, piscinas infinitas termales y naturales, tirolesa y todo esto dirigido por una Cooperativa de Trabajadores de vanguardia.

Como todos eventos del Centro, la visita es bi-cultural. Los participantes se hospedarán en el Hotel Paraíso, el más alto y el más pequeño de los 3 hoteles-restaurantes. Cuenta con comida excelente y decenas de jacuzzis naturales de tamaño familiar que también son piscinas infinitas que se aferran a un lado de la barranca en la sombra de las palmas.

El costo de este increíble viaje es de $3,500 pesos por persona, con descuentos para los conductores que llevan puedan llevar pasajeros en sus coches. En caso de necesitar transporte comercial, favor de añadir $ 700 pesos por persona. Esta tarifa incluye todas las entradas a todas las instalaciones, tres noches en el hotel, todas las comidas y una presentación sobre la cooperativa ejidal.

Información y registro en
Fecha límite para el pago total en efectivo: viernes 13 de noviembre en la oficina del Centro en la Calzada de la Luz # 42, de 5:00 a 9:00 pm de lunes a viernes.
La salida es de la oficina del Centro a las 9:00am en punto el martes 17 de noviembre.
No te pierdas esta increíble experiencia!



We refuse to accept a world where the vast majority of people suffer hunger and want, where the vast majority of people have little or no control over their lives, where the vast majority of people live in fear of aggression.

The Center for Global Justice is a multi-cultural, democratically organized service, learning, and research center. Through our support of the social and solidarity economy, our public education programs, and our research collaborations we seek to empower ordinary people to work to create a more socially and economically just world.



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Solidarity economy and capitalism could still work, look at Sweden!
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“Justice” if government and individual fully implement this world then many of our problems is solved within no time. But as the time is passes injustice and violence are on constant rise. Numbers of hunger in the world is picking up the pick an uncertainty in the environment brings up several other issues. From health problems to other common social problem. It’s good to see that how you are putting efforts to bring the improvement. Such communities can play vital role to realize the people that without advocating the people who are in problem we can’t settle up the world peace and harmony.
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Congratulations on the launching of the new CGJ website!

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With our title " Radical Phylosophy Association" we scare all Mexican politicians.
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The people commands, people give orders and governments obey, this is democracy.
International students are coming to San Miguel de Allende and Mexico Mexican students will go to acquire knowledge and practices to
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Adopting changes and react accordingly is the wisest decisions to be made; It’s a good effort. Creating and empowering the common people can be the key of the better world. Social injustice is looks to be one off the biggest reason behind the uncertainty in the world. salute’s your efforts to bring more economic stability.
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Thanks for buying a copy of WISDOM TO SURVIVE: Climate Change, Capitalism & Community! We are honored.
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This just recently came into my purview and it is refreshing to see an alternative. Now what?
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Thanks for your comment Peter, and thanks for being part of this effort too!!
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Congratulations on the launching of the new CGJ website! I look forward to this sites role in building a grassroots movement that will move the world one+ step closer to the blossoming of a true people’s democracy.